​​MaryJo Myers 

Owner of  Wonder Woman Hair Designs

My specialty is the cutting and coloring of Curly hair ,of course! Wavy and Bottecell, and Corkicellii are my favorites.

I'm also particularly drawn to doing beautiful reds and Auburn's. I love the look of the powerful and glamorous downtown NYC career women and I would say that that is reflected in my work. I have also trained with Vidal Sassoon and many other very skilled artists in straight hair and am love creating short, chic haircuts.

Short hair is my passion!

I have always had the ability to see what would look best on someone before we even start the process. I absolutely LOVE doing a 'makeover'!

I also have worked hard at my communication skills during the consultation to make sure to get the important information my clients need to give me before I can make good suggestions. 

I love to foster an attitude of happy to serve; appreciating our clients and helping and sharing with each other to grow and learn. Hairdressing is quite simply the best job in the whole world!!